EV New energy multi-core charging pile cable


◆ Conductor: multiple grade 4N anaerobic copper stranded, the structure refer to the data sheet

◆ Shielding: no ◆ stranded: twisted cable ◆ core number: 3~5 cores

◆ Winding: flame retardant belt coating

◆ Outer coat: special elastomer TPE ◆ Color: orange, black

◆ Insulation: special elastomer TPE

◆ Operating temperature: -40~ + 125℃◆ rated voltage: 450 / 750V ◆ Bending radius: 5 D

◆ Flame-retardant performance: VW-1

◆ Reference standard: Europe: EN50620 / IEC62893; United States: UL 62; China: GB / T33594 ◆ product characteristics: halogen free, environmental protection, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, cold resistance, high temperature resistance, tensile resistance and other characteristics ◆ Application: suitable for telecommunications equipment, electrical equipment, new energy vehicles, charging pile and other fields

Technical parameters (for reference only) Construction

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